How much does Double Chin Liposuction surgery cost in India?

When most people hear the word “liposuction,” they typically picture shaving inches off their torso. However, the procedure also affects the chin and neck region and will assist in thinning the appearance of your face. Regardless of body weight, a double chin is a frequent issue that can be seen. A double chin liposuction procedure is designed for those with excess fat tissue around their chins,neck , or a lack of a defined jawline. Also, a lot of patients often have doubts related to the pricing of this process. This article throws light on the cost as well the procedure of double chin Liposuction.

What is Double Chin Liposuction?

Those who find it challenging to lose enough weight to get rid of their extra fat, sagging skin, or double chin may choose to have double chin liposuction. A simple surgical technique called double chin liposuction can help get rid of a persistent double chin. This surgery aids in reducing extra fat around the chin and jawline. It is carried out under local anesthesia and doesn’t involve much recovery time leaving the patient with a smoother, more defined profile.

What Is The Procedure for Double Chin Liposuction?

Before The Procedure

The area to be treated is marked with a pen and scrubbed with an antibiotic solution before the treatment. The cannula can then be inserted through a succession of tiny incisions. The surgeon suggests abstaining from eating and drinking for 6 hours before the procedure and, as a precaution, limiting your intake of alcohol and tobacco for up to 2 weeks before the procedure. A needle will be required to inject the procedure’s local anesthetic, which will only cause little discomfort.

During The Procedure

The procedure takes 45 to 1 hour to complete. The surgeon places a small tube known as a cannula at various places under the chin during this procedure. The back-and-forth movement of the tube breaks down the fat, and the body’s loosened fat cells are removed. Only few incisions are required due to the cannula’s fineness.

After The Procedure

After surgery, the patient may feel mild to moderate inflammation or bruising, which should only last a short while. Your aftercare package will include a compression garment that should be worn to apply a little pressure to the area to hasten recovery and enhance outcomes. For a few weeks after surgery, they should refrain from strenuous activity or sports to promote healing.

Double chin liposuction recovery time

The recovery period following double chin liposuction is short, and many patients return to work in less than 48 hours. Most people can resume their regular routines in seven days or less. After the treatment, the patient can resume their regular daily activities; however, they should refrain from physically strenuous tasks for a few weeks. This will promote healing and lessen bruising and swelling.

Why have a double chin liposuction surgery?

For a variety of reasons, both men and women could decide to get double chin liposuction:

  • They find the appearance of extra chin fat upsetting.
  • Exercise and diet have no impact on chin fat.
  • to make a woman’s lower face look younger and more refreshed
  • to give the male face a more chiseled, manly appearance
  • to give the lower face some definition again
  • Having a double chin makes you unhappy or insecure.
  • Chin fat affects general mental well-being.


Who is a suitable candidate?

Individuals are fit for the procedure if they are:

  • Fit and well both physically and mentally
  • Displeased with the way a double chin looks
  • Lacks facial definition along the lower half of the face
  • Be realistic about the results surgery can provide.
  • Are older than 18 years of age.


How Long Will The Benefits Of double chin liposuction surgery Last?

If the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle, the benefits endure. For seven to ten years or longer, depending on how well they maintain their health, the majority of patients experience good results. These surgeries won’t stop you from gaining weight; if the patient puts on any weight following liposuction, the extra facial fat will return. Similar to standard surgery, the benefits are long-lasting and should last at least seven to 10 years assuming the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle.

How much does Double Chin Liposuction surgery cost in India?

Due to its reputation for offering economical, high-quality medical care, India has gained much popularity among domestic and foreign patients. Compared to other wealthy nations, double chin surgery cost in India is very affordable. Surgery is performed at reasonable costs without sacrificing quality. Cities such as Delhi and Gurgaon provide the operation. Double chin liposuction surgery cost in India depends on the following factors:

Hospital: The sort of hospital the patient chooses will affect the cost of the procedure. In renowned hospitals, the price is comparatively high.

Type of Surgery: The cost is also influenced by the surgical method utilized. Different techniques require various equipment, skills, and tools. As a result, the cost may change depending on the procedure.

Target area: The complexity of the target region affects the price of double chin surgery. The price rises proportionally to complexity.

Equipment: The cost of the procedure will be considerable if it requires the usage of expensive equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Doctor’s fee: The cost of chin liposuction is primarily influenced by the doctor’s experience level. Highly skilled and well-known doctors charge extra, but the results are certain to be outstanding, and there is very little opportunity for error.

The cost of a double chin liposuction surgery in India ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. But the outcomes are fantastic, and the likelihood of success is great.


How quickly can you see the outcomes of double chin liposuction?

Although it is difficult to predict when you will experience the effects, it is a long-lasting improvement. The technique can help minimize fat on the chin, neck, on the neck, but it does not lessen creases around the lips, nose, eyes, or other portions of the face.

Is Double Chin liposuction surgery painful?

Due to the local anesthetic, there is no pain during the process. After the surgery, the pain or discomfort subsided in 4 to 5 days. Always follow a doctor’s prescription for over-the-counter drugs.

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