Hair Regrowth Treatment

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Hair Regrowth Treatment is a component of your blood which is separated through a series of centrifugation. This component of blood is rich in growth factors which promotes the growth of component into which it is injected.

Hair Regrowth Treatment is a rage nowadays, showing effective and consistent results in hair fall and skin rejuvenation. The famous VAMPIRE FACELIFT so-called because one’s blood is used to make Hair Regrowth Treatment and inject in the face for rejuvenation.


Autologous (one's own ) blood about 30 ml is taken in individual vials and centrifuged and separated using full aseptic precautions. The whole process takes about 45 min-1 hour to get ready. Following which Hair Regrowth Treatment is injected through small 30 g needles into the desired area after numbing it. Hair Regrowth Treatment can also be combined with mesotherapy or after micro-needling to enhance penetration and better results

Side effects

There are no side effects as it is one's blood and is entirely safe to use.


The effect of Hair Regrowth Treatment starts showing in 2 weeks when your skin starts feeling firm and glowing, but it takes series of sessions (6-8 ) at an interval of 1-11/2 months to get a visible, effective result.

For Hair Fall : it has found to be effective in decreasing the hair fall, improve hair quality, and density. Requires 4-6 sessions at an interval of 2-3 months or maybe lower for visible results

Before & After Hair Regrowth Treatment