Thigh Fat Removal Surgery In India: Best Thigh Liposuction At The Aesculpir

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Losing the extra fat deposits on the thighs and keeping them toned is an issue both men and women face. Thighs are one of the first body parts where the extra fat gets stored. Hence, getting rid of it through exercise and diet becomes difficult. If you are also facing the same problem, a thigh fat removal surgery might be the best solution.

The Aesculpir is one of the best centers to get thigh fat removal surgery in India. The surgeons here are expert professionals with extensive experience in providing consultation for and performing this surgery. Our medical team guides you throughout the process, and our staff team ensures that you are comfortable and the surgery goes on without any problems.

A thigh fat removal surgery is also called thigh liposuction. Getting this surgery at The Aesculpir would help you get toned thighs with minimal risk of side effects and complications.

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Know A Little About Thigh Fat Removal Surgery

A thigh fat removal surgery or thigh liposuction involves suctioning out the extra fat present in your thighs. Our doctors use a thin pipe-like instrument called a cannula for the process. One end of the cannula is inserted right below the layers of skin at your thigh through a small incision. The other end of this device is attached to a suction device with a vacuum suction feature. This helps in pulling out the extra fat tissues in the area.

At The Aesculpir, we offer consultation sessions before thigh liposuction. You can visit our experts and voice your concerns. The doctor would ask about your medical history and important questions about your family's medical history. With that information and other details, they tell you if you're eligible for the surgery. Also, our doctors give thorough information about all the precautions you need to take before and after the surgery. For instance, you would have to stop taking some medications, including blood thinners and hormonal supplements at least 3 weeks before the surgery, and you would need to wait for 2 weeks before getting back to exercising.

Are You An Eligible Candidate?

It is important to check your eligibility before getting a thigh fat removal surgery. Our doctors always ensure that you are eligible for this treatment to prevent any complications during or after the surgery.

Thigh liposuction is a good option for you if:

  • You are not obese
  • You have a healthy body weight
  • Exercise and diet are not helping you in losing the thigh fat
  • The fat makes your thigh bulky, and you feel self-conscious about it
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition like diabetes, heart diseases, weak or compromised immunity, and others
  • Your skin is healthy and elastic

In some cases, the doctor also prescribes some tests to rule out any chances of complications.

If you want to check your eligibility and know more about the whole process of thigh liposuction, you can consult with our doctors.

Treatment Procedure At The Aesculpir

At The Aesculpir, the very first step in the treatment is consultation. Our doctor would talk to you and inform you about the precautions you will need to take and the whole process.

The surgeon marks the area to be operated on right before the surgery. If the amount of fat to be removed is less, then you would be given a local anesthetic. Otherwise, you will be administered anesthesia, usually lidocaine, and the salt solution and epinephrine. Throughout the surgery, our medical team would monitor your vitals.

After the surgery, you will be kept under observation for a few hours and then allowed to go home. You can pay follow-up visits to the doctor during the weeks following the surgery.

Types Of Thigh Liposuction At The Aesculpir

The Aesculpir Clinic is equipped with the latest technology instruments. Hence, we offer 5 main approaches to the surgery, depending on which one would work best in your case.

1. Manual Thigh Liposuction

This is the traditional fat removal method and is apt for patients who need only a small amount of fat removed. It involves injecting the patient with a sterile solution having 3 main components. The salt and water mixture helps loosen the fat tissues, lidocaine prevents any pain during the surgery, and epinephrine constricts the blood vessels in the area to prevent bleeding during the surgery. After this, the surgeon inserts the cannula through a small incision and suctions out the extra fat.

2. Ultrasound-Assisted Thigh Liposuction

This liposuction technique uses ultrasound waves to loosen up the fat tissues. The waves are supplied by a metal rod inserted through a small incision. Then, through another small incision, the surgeon inserts the cannula to take out the fats.

3. Power-Assisted Thigh Liposuction

This method uses a special type of cannula that moves in a back and forth fashion. The vibration-like movement causes the loosening of the fat tissues in the area. Then these tissues can be easily suctioned out. This technique works best when a large amount of fat needs to be removed. Also, it is known to cause less pain and swelling.

Get The Best Thigh Fat Removal Surgery At The Aesculpir

The Aesculpir Clinic harbors some of the best cosmetic surgeons in India. Our doctors have several years of experience in providing consultation and treatment for thigh liposuction. They are expert professionals who believe in getting to know your concerns and providing personalized treatment to achieve the desired result at one of the most affordable fat removal surgery costs in India.

Furnished with the latest equipment, our clinic ensures the provision of accurate test results and precise and efficient treatment. Our staff team is dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable and work round the clock to give you a smooth overall experience.