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They say that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. And on this day, the bride should look her best. It is that once-in-a-lifetime moment when you have to look radiant and gorgeous. Since weddings mean several days of festivities, heavy make-up, and non-stop food and drinks along with late nights, it becomes essential to give your skin the pamper session that it needs.

Wedding preparation and its hassle can affect your skin in many ways, leading to sudden acne, hyperpigmentation, and even tanning. This is where a bridal makeover comes in. A few weeks before your wedding, indulge yourself in bridal makeover sessions, which include different skin and hair treatments that will help you put your best face forward on your special day.

Bridal Beauty services by The Aesculpir

The Aesculpir Centre is known for offering the best bridal makeover in Delhi. They have different treatments suited for all kinds of needs to help brides-to-be unveil their beautiful selves. The treatments here are customized according to the requirements that brides have. Since brides are the center of attention on their wedding day, they are given consultation by experts here, who first analyze their skin and hair and then suggest a treatment plan according to the brides' conditions. Known for providing the best bridal makeover treatment in Delhi, the treatments are done using the latest technology and equipment.

Get the latest FACIAL TREATMENT FOR BRIDE IN DELHI with their signature super facial:

Rejuvenate your skin with the latest 3 in 1 Super FACIAL TREATMENT FOR BRIDE IN DELHI. In addition to revitalizing your face, this facial also helps target your fine lines, uneven tone, and skin texture. This Super Facial is the first step for a fantastic bridal makeover.

Done by experts, the facial will leave you with fresher and healthier-looking skin, with a reduced appearance of open pores and fine lines. Additionally, it will also stimulate circulation in your face, giving you a glow from within. This facial treatment is a scientific way of fetching glow from within, which stays for a long time. It also eliminates any chance of having side effects that may occur as a result of any other regular salon facial. For example, loosening of the skin, allergy, etc. The products used at Aesculpir have entirely organic ingredients, which are also paraben-free and gluten-free.

Get a full-body rejuvenation treatment for your bridal makeover:

This bridal makeover package includes body polishing, microdermabrasion as well as a glow peel. These treatments are great for a bride who wishes to treat the uneven tone and textures in her body and make them smooth, glowing, and radiant for D-Day.

A body polishing treatment with microdermabrasion is an essential part of a rejuvenated skin for your wedding. It is a treatment that every bride must get for her bridal makeover. This process exfoliates and polishes the skin using a gentle vacuum and eventually increases the skin's lymphatic drainage. It leaves the skin looking fresh and can also treat acne, dull or rough skin.

A glow peel, also known as Chemical Peel, are some of the most popular skin and facial treatments these days. In this procedure, your body is first cleaned thoroughly. The surgeon then applies a peeling solution to the skin, which will remove the dead skin cells. This further stimulates new skin cells, tightens the skin, and gives you a more youthful appearance. A glow peel at The Aesculpir is amongst the best bridal makeover treatments in Delhi since it also targets the age spots and skin damaged from the sun.

Get a beautiful and well-defined face for your big day.

Most brides-to-be dream of looking perfect at their wedding. The Aesculpir Clinic offers facial defining treatments, which are guaranteed to give these brides an ideal bridal makeover. The surgeons here use Botulinum Toxin, also known as Botox, to give youthful and smooth skin.

The surgeons at Aesculpir use liquid facelift or fillers to give the brides a defined and chiseled look. The jawbones and the cheekbones are made prominent, making a perfect pout and concealing any imperfections on the face. It also makes the skin look glowy and rejuvenated.

Get rid of unwanted hair on your body with a Laser Hair Reduction.

A bridal makeover is incomplete without a Laser Hair Reduction. This treatment can be done to remove any unwanted hair from your body. It may include a full body laser hair reduction or specific areas, such as the face, arms, legs, or bikini areas, as desired by the patient. This hygienic procedure targets melanin( black pigment of hair roots) to permanently destroy them and give a long-lasting, smooth, and hair-free feel. It is safe and relatively painless and equipped, also with a cooling mechanism to prevent damage to the surrounding area. Another advantage of lasers is that one also gets rid of chaotic procedures like waxing or any chances of infection or rashes.

Get robust and shiny hair and youthful, soft skin with their Unique Growth Factor Therapy.

The experts at Aesculpir also perform The Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy. This is an advanced procedure to infuse an individual's growth factors, reinforced by special vitamins and proteins processed through one's own blood, in a sterile, hygienic environment to enhance hair growth and new skin cells. This causes a glowing look to an individual. The skin becomes soft, supple, and youthful, which is long-lasting. And this happens in just a few sessions at regular intervals.

The procedure is minimally invasive, yields quick results, and is a common treatment used by brides for their bridal makeover in Delhi.

Get ready for your special day in consultation with experts.

The Aesculpir is a popular name when it comes to giving the best bridal makeover in Delhi. For your special day, the experts will analyze your skin and hair, come with personalized treatment plans, and consult you on how to take care of it after the treatment is done. You will get the best bridal makeover treatment in Delhi and get results that will last a long time.

The Aesculpir offers the best FACIAL TREATMENT FOR BRIDE IN DELHI.

This Super Facial removes dead skins, reduces open pores, and subsequently hydrates the skin to keep it soft and supple. Using their Super Facial Treatment, the clinic helps treat your acne, allergy, and hyperpigmentation related issues on time. The experts at The Aesculpir are known for their comprehensive treatment and care and offer the best FACIAL TREATMENT FOR BRIDE IN DELHI.

Our team uses state-of-the-art 3 in 1 super facial, with the help of high-end technology combined with the goodness of natural substances. Scientifically proven RadioFrequency devices are used to tighten and renew the skin. In addition to this, we also infuse ingredients that are organic, paraben-free, gluten-free, and enriched with special oxypods. These ingredients help in oxygenating and revitalizing the tissues from within. This facial leaves a long-lasting, bright and rejuvenated effect on the skin and eliminates the risk of any harm that an individual might have from regular facial such as skin allergy or loosening of skin with time.

All the treatments are customized according to the client's preference and thorough examination of the skin type, facial, and body profiles. This includes photo facials, microdermabrasion, carbon peels, as well as skin polishing treatments. Additionally, the brides have advised a few home care tips regarding keeping their skin issues checked for their wedding day.

Why should I choose The Aesculpir?

The Aesculpir Clinic is the best place to get a bridal makeover in Delhi. With state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments and the latest technology, this clinic is the best place to solve all your skin and hair issues. The surgeons here are renowned and experienced professionals who aim to give their clients the most satisfying results, thereby fulfilling their aesthetic desires.

Besides offering the best bridal makeover treatment in Delhi, The Aesculpir also offers other treatments and cosmetic procedures, such as Liposuction, Face Lift, and Hair Transplant, among others. They guarantee the best possible care and a holistic experience to their clients while maintaining their privacy