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Everyone wants to have a slim and toned body. But what if you have some fat deposits on random parts of your body that just won't go away? It's not uncommon for people to have a healthy weight and yet have a bulging belly and drooping arms. In such cases, people often complain that diet and exercise are only of a little help to them. 

Do you relate to any of the things mentioned above? If so, we might have exactly the right solution for you! 

At The Aesculpir, we offer the best body contouring surgery to remove the extra fat deposits on your body. The procedure adds curves and contours to your body and makes your belly, arms, thighs, and other body parts look firm and toned. 

To know about the procedure of body contouring surgery and its cost at the Aesculpir, book a consultation call by dialing 8058259666 .

Know A Little About Body Contouring Surgery

A body-contouring surgery involves the process of liposuction. As the name suggests, it involves suctioning out the extra lipids or fats from targeted body areas. Due to this feature, liposuction is among the most common cosmetic surgeries performed every year. 

In a body contouring surgery, liposuction is performed on all the targeted parts of your body, having an unnecessary accumulation of fat tissues. These could include your neck, upper arms, belly, hips, inguinal regions, buttocks, calves, ankles, and other possible areas

The surgery makes use of a cannula which is a thin pipe-like tube. The surgeon makes a small incision on a previously marked point and inserts one end of the cannula through it. At the other end, this instrument is attached to a vacuum suction device which helps in sucking out the desired amount of fat tissues. 

To increase the ease of the procedure and reduce possible risks, the doctor would inject you with a sterile solution right before the surgery. This solution helps loosen the fat tissues in the area, prevents any pain during the surgery, and constricts the blood vessels to avoid any blood loss. 

The recovery period depends on the area of surgery and any possible complications or factors that might interfere with your healing. However, a person can generally fully recover from this surgery within two months. 

How Much Does This Cosmetic Surgery Cost In India? 

The body contouring surgery cost in India depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Amount Of Fat To Be Removed: If you have to get a large amount of fat removed, it wou6 require more time and precision. This determines the overall expense. 
  • Method Of Surgery: Apart from the traditional manual method, there are other modified ways to perform this surgery too. These methods use ultrasound waves,, and high-speed motions to loosen up the fat in the target area. 
  • Your Hospital Of Choice: The quality of services the hospital provides affects your overall experience and the budget. 
  • The Surgeon's Expertise: Getting the surgery at the hands of an expert surgeon increases your chance of getting the desired results. Hence, it is a major cost-determining factor in the equation. 
  • Post-Surgical Care: During the recovery period, you would be required to take regular medications, including painkillers and antibiotics. Also, the doctor might ask you to wear tight-fitting medical garments to prevent swelling in the operated area. Similarly, other factors can be considered. 

At The Aesculpir, we provide you with the top plastic surgeons of Delhi, a team of hospitable and friendly staff, unparalleled treatment quality, and constant support and care, all at a highly affordable price

How We Carry Out The Surgery At The Aesculpir?

At The Aesculpir, we keep you informed about every event before, during, and after the surgery so that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. We follow a systematic process to avoid possible complications and ensure patient satisfaction. 

At our clinic, the treatment begins with a consultation with our experts. Here, your eligibility for the surgery is confirmed, and all your questions are answered. Our doctors inform you about all the aspects of the surgery, including the precautions that need to be taken and the risks involved. They also ask you about what you want out of the surgery and the results you can expect. This stage helps you develop a clear idea of this surgery's possibilities. 

The doctors perform the surgery under the effect of anaesthesia so it is a pain-free process. Although incisions and stitches are involved, our surgeons plan the size and location of these incisions such that there are no noticeable scars

After the surgery, you are allowed to go home after we keep you under observation for a few hours. The recovery period involves taking proper rest, following the precautions given by the doctor, and taking the prescribed medicines on time. 

At The Aesculpir, we perform this body contouring surgery in multiple sessions that could span over the period of a few months to a year or more. This depends on your recovery rate, health status, and other similar factors

Are You An Eligible Candidate For The Surgery? 

Before getting a body contouring, or any other surgery, confirming your eligibility is essential. This could affect the quality of surgery results and even avoid several complications. The parameters followed to decide your eligibility are:

  • You should not be morbid obese.
  • Your actual body weight must be within 30% of your ideal body weight.
  • You should have firm and elastic skin.
  • You should not be suffering from any medical conditions that could cause complications. These include diabetes, heart diseases, weak immune system, and others.
  • You must not be pregnant.
  • You should not smoke.

Apart from these parameters, you might also have to go through some tests if the doctor needs more clarity. 

Get Body Contouring Surgery Done At The Aesculpir 

The Aesculpir Clinic harbours some of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India. Our doctors are highly skilled and adept professionals with several years of experience providing consultation and surgical services for body contouring. They work toward getting to the crux of your concerns and provide personalised treatment to give you the desired result at an affordable price.

Our clinic has the latest equipment that ensures accurate test results and precise and efficient treatment. Our staff team is dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable and work round the clock to give you a smooth overall experience.