Body Lift (Belt Lipectomy)

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Body contour deformity is commonly seen after massive weight loss or post-bariatric procedures. It may range from deformity of the anterior trunk to circumferential deformity, causing considerable hinderance in performing normal daily functions and skin problems beneath the folds.

It is usually done to loose and lax skin which hangs down after weight loss unable to retract to shape because of loss of skin elasticity due to chronic stretching.

Through body lift, one can not only get rid of loose hanging skin to improve functionality but also have to enhance self-image and a confidence boost to be able to carry oneself in desirable clothing uninhibited.

Right candidate

Massive weight loss patients who have loose hanging inelastic skin, causing a restriction in normal daily activities and skin problems and those looking for improving body image are the ideal candidates for body lift/belt lipectomy.

Type of anesthesia - done under general anesthesia.


It is a 4-5 hour long surgery where the patient is marked preoperatively. The aim is to remove excess lax skin (panniculus) posteriorly and anteriorly along with a lift of lateral thigh or lax mons pubis.

The lax muscles of the anterior trunk are also strengthened with the definition of the waistline.

The patient is closed under suction drains.

The circumferential scar is usually hidden under the underwear.

After your surgery

Postoperative care:Patient is made to lie on the back and ambulated day after surgery. The patient is advised to move slightly bent for one week. Compressive garments are worn for an extended period. The stay in hospital is generally 3-4 days depending on the recovery.


Swelling and reshaping of the skin may take some time during which compressive garments are essential to wear. Maturation of effect takes at least one year.

Before & After Body lift