Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation in Delhi - The Aesculpir

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The Brazilian beauties are known for their voluminous buttocks that is why, This procedure is famously called as Brazilian lift.

This is usually sought by people who have lost volume in buttocks due to either aging or weight loss. The lack of support causes skin to hang down leading to flat appearance. Patients also have difficulty wearing pants /trousers which fall down due to lack of support.


Buttock augmentation can be done either artifical silicone implant insertion in deeper layers through an incision in the hidden crease or it can also be augmented using fat ( harvested from your own body). This is known as Lipofilling. Lipofilling may require 2-3 sittings at an interval of 6 months to achieve a desired shape depending on the amount of take of fat after each procedure .

Type of anasthesia - Both the procedures are done under general anasthesia

After your surgery

Post operative care :The patient is made to lie on stomach or laterallyfor sometime to avoid pressure over stitch line or fat. The patient can resume work after week to 10 days depending on the healing. Prolong sitting however is to be avoided for 3 weeks till the healing occurs.

Before & After Buttock Augmentation