Liposuction Surgery and its Price in Delhi

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Over the years, plastic surgeries have come a long way. With time they have reached out to people subsiding all myths and conjectures. It is one of the leading plastic surgeries that have brought tremendous results to several people. If you are tired of excess fat in your body, Liposuction surgery in Delhi is your ideal catch. This surgical procedure includes suction of fat deposits from a specific area of the body. Being a cosmetic surgery, Liposuction requires a lot of precaution and expertise. That is why an average liposuction surgery cost in Delhi depends on several factors. Experts suggest that before undergoing this treatment, the patient should have adequate knowledge about it. This blog will be a perfect guide to enhance your knowledge on liposuction cosmetic surgery, liposuction surgery price in Delhi & other factors related to it.

What is liposuction surgery?

Otherwise known as body contouring, Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat from certain areas of the body. Many people have even travelled from over the country to get liposuction treatment in Delhi. Although liposuction surgery removes body fat, it is not exactly a weight-loss treatment. People having unwanted bulk in their body parts like arms, hips, buttocks, belly, thighs, etc., can opt for liposuction surgery. Liposuction removes those fat cells which the patient cannot get rid of via exercise or dieting. This cosmetic surgery targets a specific area where there is a higher accumulation of body fat.

Types of liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery in Delhi is offered in five main variants;

  • Power-assisted liposuction: This is a simple liposuction surgery procedure that hardly causes any pain. It use a power-assisted cannula or tube to suck up the fat. This ideal procedure is the easiest form of liposuction.
  • Injection liposuction: As the name speaks, a chemical substance called Phosphatidylcholine is injected directly into the concerned area. The compound melts down the excess fat. People suffering from severe obesity may not have many benefits from this procedure.
  • Manual liposuction: This is a traditional liposuction procedure, in which the surgeon inserts the tube to break the fatty acids and suck them out using a suction machine. Manual liposuction has proven highly beneficial for many people.
  • Laser liposuction: Over the years, laser liposuction has shown tremendous results. The laser light stimulates collagen production in the concerned area and tightens the skin for months. On recovery, the results are outstanding.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: Also known as Vaser liposuction, this cosmetic procedure uses sound waves to extract excess body fat. The ultrasound wave emulsifies the body fat and causes lower blood loss.

Who Is Not Eligible For Liposuction Surgery?

If any of the following apply to you, you may not be a good candidate for liposuction surgery in Delhi:

  • You have unrealistic expectations : You desire to undergo liposuction for cellulite removal. Note that liposuction is not a cellulite treatment.
  • You are obese or overweight : Although BMI is not an accurate measurement, if your BMI is too high, which is greater than 40, liposuction surgery could be risky. The higher the BMI, the greater the chance of surgery problems.
  • You are not medically fit : If you have a severe chronic health condition such as heart issues, kidney disorders, diabetes, Asthma, etc., you may be disqualified for liposuction surgery. Such health conditions can lead to fatal risks.
  • Your skin lacks elasticity : Liposuction surgery only removes your excess fat. Once the surgery is done, it is crucial for your skin to take the shape of your new body and for that body’s natural elasticity is required. If you're young and haven't had any children, your chances of having elastic skin that bounces back to its original shape are substantially better. Giving birth or aging, on the other hand, giving birth and aging takes a toll on the skin’s elasticity.
  • You're too anxious about the procedure's potential complications : If you are not confident enough and mentally prepared for the procedure, your surgeon may delay the surgery.

Benefits of liposuction surgery

Liposuction treatment in Delhi is highly beneficial for many people who are tired of excess body fat. Double chin liposuction surgery is widely famous amongst adults, owing to its amazing results. Liposuction procedure also helps in fat-related medical conditions. The benefits of liposuction surgery are mentioned below:

  • Removes excess fat from a specific portion of the body like arms, abdomen, hip, etc.,
  • Male liposuction surgery is prevalent to treat a condition like gynecomastia.
  • Sometimes fatty tumours are formulated in the body. Doctors use liposuction surgery to remove those benign tumours.
  • A perfectly contoured body is everyone’s dream. Liposuction surgery is the best way to get back an aligned body.

How is liposuction surgery done?

Fat liposuction surgery is one of the leading plastic surgeries that has brought immense results to several people. Expert cosmetic surgeons in Delhi perform this invasive procedure in patients. While performing the surgery, the patient is given local anaesthesia for his comfort. After that, the surgeon makes an inconspicuous incision to insert a small tube. The surgeon uses the small tube to conduct a back and forth movement to loosen the excess fat. Such fat is then sucked out using a surgical vacuum by attaching it to the cannula.

Right candidate of liposuction surgery

Liposuction is an exceptional cosmetic surgery and is performed on specific candidates. An ideal candidate for liposuction is the one who has 30% firm elastic skin and good muscle tone. The patient should not be suffering from any life-threatening illness that can impair healing. Liposuction suits the person who is exhausted from having unwanted fat, which does not go with diet or any exercise. Nonsmokers with a positive outlook towards life are ideal for this life turning cosmetic surgery.

How do you prepare yourself for liposuction surgery?

Prepare yourself for liposuction surgery in Delhi by taking decisions mentally and physically. The entire thought process needs to be discussed with your surgeon with listed below points to ponder:

  • Liposuction surgery requires patients to stay in the range of healthy body mass index (BMI). Therefore, it is of utmost importance to try losing weight before consulting the surgeon.
  • Stop smoking as it constricts the blood cells which can lead to complications during the procedure or post-recovery.
  • Discuss any existing or past medical condition, or any procedure that you have undergone, along with medications and supplements.
  • Proper attention and care are required for weeks in post-procedure duration.

How Long Is Recovery?

Recovery after liposuction surgery in Delhi or anywhere is comparatively faster. It takes around 5 to 7 days to get back to normal daily activities and around 4-6 weeks to start your physical exercises post-liposuction. Do people generally ask if liposuction recovery is painful? The answer is no. However, most of them may observe slight pain, discomfort, and even swelling for nearly 4 -6 days after liposuction which subsides gradually and long-term recovery can take up to 3 months.

What Are the Risks?

Some of the possible risks and side-effects associated with liposuction surgery in Delhi and elsewhere are:

  • Bleeding and rare possibilities of a skin infection
  • Allergy or reaction to anesthesia
  • The skin may seem bumpy, wavy, or damaged due to uneven fat removal or poor skin elasticity and improper healing.
  • Accumulation of fluid in temporary pockets (seromas) under the skin.
  • The affected area can get temporarily or permanently numb.
  • Nerve irritation can also be possible.
  • Very rarely, the cannula penetrates to puncture an internal organ, This may require immediate medical attention.
  • Fat embolism can occur in very rare cases where the fat molecules break away and get trapped in the blood vessel. These fat deposits can hamper blood flow to the lungs, heart, or even the brain.

Are the Results Permanent?

Liposuction is performed to reduce the number of fat cells in a particular area. The number of fat cell reductions depends on the volume of the fat deposits and the area in which it is spread. After liposuction, the skin tends to alter the contour and shape itself according to the new contour. The resulting contour changes post-liposuction is permanent especially in those having good skin tone and elasticity. The fat cells generally do not multiply. However, an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain can reverse the liposuction effects.

Recovery after liposuction surgery

Experts recommend patients to follow necessary precautions before and after the liposuction surgery. Post liposuction surgery, there might be some swelling and redness in the treated area. The doctors might prescribe some medication to give you relief from the minor effects after the surgery. The liposuction recovery time ranges between a week to a month. In certain cases, the patient might have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks.

Factors Affecting the liposuction surgery price in Delhi

The liposuction surgery price in Delhi depends mainly on the following factors.

  • Type of technology used: Liposuction surgery in Delhi and elsewhere can be done through ultrasound assistance, power-assistance, injection, manual or laser-assisted liposuction. The overall expenditure of liposuction surgery varies invariably on the type of technique used for reshaping the body.
  • Area to be reshaped: Liposuction can be done on various body parts such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, neck, chin, hips, and others. The cost of liposuction differs based on the area to be treated. For instance, the cost of liposuction in the abdomen or thighs may cost less compared to that of the chin and neck.
  • The volume of fat to be cleared: It is important to note that if the volume of fat to be removed is more, he/she may have to go for an additional sitting. The number of sittings and volume of fat extraction also decide the cost of liposuction.
  • Anesthesia: Sometimes, the fees of the anesthetist and anesthesia are not included in the overall liposuction cost and will be charged extra.
  • Post-operative care: The medications, painkillers, and other charges post-liposuction surgery will be regarded as an additional cost.

Meet Our Best Doctor for Liposuction Surgery in Delhi at The Aesculpir

Aesculpir shelters the best doctors in the country who carry out comprehensive surgeries at a high success rate. The surgeons carrying out the best liposuction surgery in Delhi are Dr. Diksha Dixit and Dr. Heena Kudyar.

Dr. Diksha Dixit is a youthful and energetic aesthetic and plastic surgeon who received training at VMMC's Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi. She received a GOLD MEDAL in the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University's MCh program in New Delhi. She has excellent skills in non-invasive and invasive aesthetic surgery and microsurgery.
Dr. Heena Kudyar Dr. Heena Kudyar is a national board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon who received her training at Army Hospital (Research & Referral), one of the Indian Subcontinent's first medical schools. Through numerous fellowship programs, she has gained competence in various invasive and non-invasive plastic and cosmetic surgical techniques.

Liposuction price in Delhi

Liposuction price in Delhi is economical, encouraging patients from across the globe to come to the country for treatment. It is more affordable compared to countries like Australia, UK, etc.

Aesculpir is offering the most affordable liposuction surgery with its developed medical facilities and advanced techniques. For more information on the liposuction surgery price in Delhi and recovery advice, contact Aesculpir at [email protected]

How Liposuction Surgery is done at The Aesculpir

The experts at Aesculpir carry out every surgery with extreme professionalism and care. They make sure to examine the patient’s medical history and current health status before the procedure. Once everything is assessed, and you are fit for the surgery, the procedure begins. At Aesculpir, liposuction surgery in Delhi is done in the following manner:

  • The patient receives general anesthesia as the surgery involves making incisions
  • Small incisions are made through which the surgeon inserts a tube to loosen the fat
  • A surgical vacuum attached to a cannula sucks this loosened fat
  • The surgeon sutures the minor incisions, which are barely visible to the eyes and the patient.
  • Lastly, the patient receives a list of dos and don'ts after the surgery.

Contact Aesculpir at [email protected] for more information on liposuction surgery and other medical guidance.

How much does liposuction surgery cost in Delhi?

Liposuction Surgery Cost in Delhi is nominal compared to the cost in other nations. However, the cost varies as it depends on several influencing factors such as the location of the clinic, the type of liposuction surgery, the medical requirements of the patients, and the volume of fat to be removed.
The liposuction suction surgery cost in Delhi at Aesculpir is INR 50,000 onwards, which can go up to INR 150,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

Why choose the Aesculpir for liposuction surgery in Delhi?

The Aesculpir is known for offering the best liposuction surgery in Delhi. Their liposuction surgery cost is affordable with transparent dealing. The expert cosmetic surgeon in Delhi at Aesculpir perform liposuction surgery in all body parts along with liposuction of arms. With trained inventory, the Aesculpir acts as a one-stop solution even for face liposuction without surgery. They own a state-of-art technology and aesthetic team that takes care of the patient throughout the procedure.

The techniques used for liposuction surgery in Delhi at The Aesculpir Clinic

Different types of techniques used in liposuction surgery in Delhi are listed below:

  • Fluid injection or tumescent liposuction: This is the most common type of liposuction. It involves injecting a large volume of the medicated solution of anesthesia, epinephrine, and salt solution into the areas before fat removal.
  • Super-wet technique: This is similar to the fluid injection. However, the difference lies in the amount of fluid to be injected, which is equal to the fat amount to be removed in this scenario.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL): It is the process of removing fat by ultrasonic vibrations followed by vacuuming the fat cells.
  • Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL): This involves a laser technique to liquefy the fat cells that allows them to be vacuumed or drained out via small tubes.

In what areas is liposuction surgery done?

The Aesculpir Clinic performs liposuction surgery in a wide range of areas:

  • Arms and back
  • Abdominal and thighs
  • Legs and ankles
  • The facial that includes face, chin, and neck
  • Buttocks and mons pubis (area above the pubic region)
  • Gynecomastia or enlarged breast condition in males
  • Breast and chest area specifics in females

Liposuction surgery in Delhi – Post-operative care

Post-operative care is necessary for any medical procedure to ensure the maximum benefit and avoid any complications. Your body requires adequate rest immediately after liposuction surgery in Delhi, and hence it is recommended to avoid driving or operating any machinery until 18–24 hours. Check with your doctor for any specific medications as per your body requirements and duration to wear your initial compression garments. Regular intake of water and a balanced diet, along with prescribed medications to treat any pain or swelling is a must. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking for at least 3 weeks to avoid any fluid retention and constriction of blood vessels. Take a short walk or move every 2–3 hours to prevent blood clot formation. Wear loose garments to ensure no irritation and rashes appear at the incision sites which may hinder the healing process.

Before & After Liposuction


1. Are Liposuction Surgery In Delhi Results Permanent?

Yes, the results of liposuction surgery in Delhi are permanent. However, the patient needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to enjoy the permanent results of liposuction surgery.

Since the procedure breaks apart the excess fat in the body, thereby removing them, the results of liposuction surgery in Delhi are long-lasting. It is important to note here that the extra fat cells and tissues are removed permanently during liposuction surgery. But you can gain back the lost weight if you do not maintain your fitness. To enjoy lasting results of liposuction, include lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet, in addition to exercising regularly.

2. Which Areas Can Be Treated Via Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction surgery in Delhi is one of the most permanent methods for fat removal from different parts of a body. In addition to reducing the excess fat, it also gives a person a more toned and contoured figure. The areas which can be treated via liposuction surgery include:

  • Facial liposuction: for face, chin and neck
  • Abdominal liposuction: for the upper and lower abdomen
  • Anterior thigh liposuction: for the stubborn thigh fat
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Legs and ankles
  • Buttocks
  • Mons pubis liposuction: for the area above the pubic region
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts
  • Breast and chest area in females
  • Hips
3. How Much Does Liposuction Surgery Cost In Delhi?

The liposuction surgery cost in Delhi typically depends on the area where the patient is getting the procedure done. It can range anywhere between INR 20,000 to INR 2,00,000 depending upon the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, treatment plan, medication and amount of fat that is to be removed.

The average liposuction surgery cost in Delhi is:

  1. Chin: starts from INR 20,000
  2. Face: starts from INR 25,000
  3. Arms: starts from INR 50,000
  4. Thigh and abdomen: starts from INR 1,25,000
  5. Full Body: starts from INR 1,50,000

The areas where one can get liposuction are the face, chin, hips, buttocks, arms, abdomen, thigh and breast.

4. Is liposuction surgery safe?

Liposuction surgery in Delhi is a cosmetic procedure that destroys the adipose or fat cells in one particular area of your body leading to targeted weight loss. It is a popular and relatively safe procedure with some side effects.

Some of the risks that are associated with liposuction include the following :

  1. Bleeding during the procedure
  2. Infection
  3. Damage to nerves, blood vessels, internal organs, etc
  4. Changes in skin sensations
  5. Numbness or tingling
  6. Fat embolism, etc

Although these are rare complications of the procedure, these can occur if the surgery is not performed by an experienced and qualified professional. Thus, it is extremely important that you choose only the best surgeon for Liposuction surgery in Delhi.

5. What not to do before your liposuction surgery?

After the date of your liposuction surgery has been finalised, you will have to start preparing for the surgery. This will also include not doing certain things before the liposuction surgery. Some of these things are:

  1. Taking any medications - You will have to notify your doctor about all the medicines you take before your surgery. Your surgeon will decide what medicines have to be stopped before the procedure so as to prevent any complications. Do not take any medicine without informing your surgeon.
  2. Excessive dieting - While it is advisable to start watching your calories and exercising to maintain your goal weight before you go for the surgery, you should never crash diet for maximum results. Such drastic diets only leave your body undernourished and weak. And you require all your strength and health before you go for the surgery.
  3. Smoking - Smoking has many hazardous effects on the body and you will be advised to stop smoking before your surgery. Smoking decreases the blood flow and thus hinders proper healing after the surgery. You are also more likely to suffer from complications like increased bleeding during the surgery if you do not quit smoking before your procedure.
  4. Do not drive yourself for the procedure - The surgery is done under general Anesthesia and you will have some after effects of the Anesthesia even when you are out of it. Driving is not advisable during that time. So bring someone with you who can drive you back after your surgery.
6. How much weight can you lose with liposuction?

You should always keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. During the procedure, a maximum of 2 to 5 kg of fat is removed. Liposuction surgery in Delhi is only meant for targeted weight loss from a particular area to give you a desired contour.

Liposuction surgery in Delhi should never be used as a substitute for healthy eating habits and exercising for weight loss.

7. How long does it take to recover from liposuction?

Following liposuction, recovery takes a few weeks. You will be able to return to work after about two weeks. Full recovery may take up to six weeks. This is what you can expect:

  • Right after surgery - As soon as you are out of surgery, your surgeon will put a compression garment in the area that was operated upon. This is done to create pressure.
  • A couple of hours later- Once a few hours have passed, the anesthesia starts to wane away, leading to pain and discomfort starting slowly. A hospital stay is advised so that you can be under monitoring to avoid fluid loss etc
  • Within a week - About 3 to 5 days later, you will need to visit the surgeon to take off the compression garment, and examine the incisions to make sure they are dry and healing well
  • During the first few weeks, pain, bruises and swelling are common. With time, they reduce and then diminish.
  • About four to 6 weeks later, the swelling goes away and you are well on your way to the desired contour of the part concerned.
  • In about four to six months, the area tightens and the expected results are visible.
8. Does the fat come back after liposuction?

During liposuction, the excess fat cells are removed. These cells that have been excised and do not come back. But if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery, there is a possibility of fat accumulation in other parts of the body.

Your surgeon will recommend you to stay as close to a healthy body weight as possible even before the procedure. Unless you gain a significant amount of weight, the fat will keep off.

9. How painful is liposuction surgery?

The liposuction procedure is done under anesthesia. So, you won't feel the pain during the procedure. As you are out of surgery, the effect of the anesthetic used wanes off with time in a few hours.

This is when you start to feel a little pain and discomfort. For a week or so, you will experience bruises, pain, loose skin, and swelling. After a week, the pain subsides and you can get back to your routine after approval from your doctor.

10. Can liposuction be used to treat obesity?

No, liposuction surgery is intended to remove subcutaneous fat only, and not visceral fat. It is a medical procedure to remove unwanted fat and cannot be considered as an option to treat or cure obesity.

11. When can I return to work?

Every individual reacts to the medical procedure differently at their own pace. The majority of the patients take about 3–5 days to return to their office work or other sedentary jobs. However, physically demanding jobs might require 7–10 days.

12. Does liposuction leave scars?

This entirely depends on the type of procedure and experience of the surgeon. Significant scarring is rare after the liposuction surgery in Delhi. In ideal situations, the surgeon makes the incisions as small as possible and would mark where they are least noticeable.

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