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FUE Hair Transplant: Everything You Need to Know

With the ultra-fast lifestyle, we tend to neglect our hair like we take chances with our body and skin. We finally notice them in the twelfth hour when we start losing them all in bulk. In modern times, staying young is a priority. Science is ready with a redemption technique of FUE hair transplant to cater to hair loss problems. Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi is much in demand to pave away the woes of hair fall and baldness. Now hair transplant is a modern solution to a common problem. You can lose your hair for multiple reasons, some of which are pollution, negligence, etc. Whatever the cause may be, you can get your shiny hair back in no time. FUE hair transplant is the best solution not only for the people who are experiencing untimely hair loss but also for the ones who want to get rid of their hairlines. To know more about this innovative and much-in-demand procedure, let us continue with the article.

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1. What is FUE Hair Transplant?

2. FUE Procedure: How is it done?

3. What to expect after the Transplant?

4. Pros and Cons of FUE Hair Transplant

5. Cost of FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR

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1. What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

Over the years, many hair transplant methods have come to the forefront to rescue people from their everyday woes. FUE is the acronym of follicular unit extraction and is better known as Follicular transfer. In this process, individual hair units are extracted from your skin and transferred to an area of your skin using a powerful stereo microscope, where the population of hair is less. FUE is one of the modern hair transplant techniques that has been quite in demand. As FUE hair transplant is a technical procedure, it requires high expertise and precision.. The best part about FUE is that within three to four months of the hair transplant surgery in Delhi, the hair starts growing again. As you age, the three-step process of hair growth gradually slows down. FUE hair transplant surgery substitutes the old follicles with the new ones and thus restores the hair.

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2.  FUE Procedure: How It Is Done?

In the FUE procedure, single follicular units are extracted and replaced in the affected areas using a powerful stereo microscope. The person who has enough healthy hair nearby to be transplanted is the best candidate for the FUE hair transplant.

For conducting FUE hair transplant treatment, the surgeon may shave down the area from which follicles shall be removed. He may also shave the area where transplantation would be done. FUE hair transplant without shaving head is also possible but not suitable for every person. Then the surgeon uses a micro punch tool to extract the hair follicles from your skin. He will then make a tiny incision in the area where the follicles are to be implanted. After successfully inserting the hair follicles in your skin, the surgeon will then bandage the area for further healing. 

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3.  What To Expect After the Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is not painful as it is administered under local anaesthesia. Patients might feel some discomfort during the initiation of procedure, but that is temporary. Any post-procedure discomfort or pain after FUE hair transplant is managed by medications and  subsides within days . Research and consult well before you opt for an FUE hair transplant. Understand that FUE is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, and only the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi can perform it with care and precision.

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The FUE hair transplant recovery process is quick, and in a few days, you can resume your daily activities. Post-procedure, the surgeon will ask you to take necessary precaution like;

  • No hair shower for a minimum of three days
  • Let the incision heal in their own time
  • No strong shampoo or conditioners for at least 3 weeks. 
  • No wearing of hats, caps, etc.

In a few months, the follicles will be nourished via blood vessels and start growing naturally. The results are noticeable in FUE hair transplants before and after pictures. 

After an FUE hair transplant procedure, the months to come can be both exciting and annoying. For the first week, you heal superficially to get back to your normal routine. Within three weeks, all the swelling and redness will be gone. It is normal if, within two to three months, the hair hasn’t come up. In some cases, the hair fall increases. That can be due to Shock Hair Fall as the follicles are coming back to life. By six months, you can expect growth of the natural hair from the transplanted follicles.
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4. Pros And Cons of FUE Hair Transplant

Just like any other procedure, FUE hair transplant comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. In many ways, this modern technology has been a blessing to several people. However, it has its limitations. Here are some of the pros and cons of the hair transplant procedure:


  • It is a minor procedure without any criticalities or side effects
  • No scalpel is used. Only minor incisions are made to insert the hair follicles
  • No post-operative stitches are required
  • You can hardly feel any pain. During the procedure, local anaesthesia is used. Some discomfort but brief and timely
  • Quick recovery- you can be back to a normal routine within few days


  • Requires a lot of precision and care- only experts can perform the surgery
  • The extensive problem needs longer sessions
  • Considerably costlier than the FUT procedure. 
  • It is a surgical procedure, there might be side effects like infection, bleeding from the transplant site. However, if done by proper sterile techniques these are rare. 
  • The removal of follicles might leave some white patches if not done by experienced hands 
  • There might be more cutting of hair roots by the inexperienced.

5. Cost Of FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi cost per graft depends upon the clinic, the services provided, and the treatment. It is not a surprise that the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi will charge you extra because of their expertise.However, the baldness or the extent of your problem can also determine the average FUE transplant cost in Delhi. The number of surgeons available to treat you can also affect the cost of your hair transplant procedure. However, as per surveys, a normal FUE hair transplant surgery may cost between Rs.30,000 INR to Rs.2,00,000 INR. 

The FUE hair transplant cost might not come under your Health Insurance Plan, as most of the insurance scheme doesn’t include the hair transplantation procedure. When it comes to regaining your hair, you may always want the best. Make sure you perform proper research and read the reviews before opting for the FUE hair transplant surgeons.

Take Away

Many clinics are providing FUE hair transplants in Delhi owing to the rising issue of hair loss. FUE hair transplant surgery has acquired a lot of attention in the past few years. The capital city is the hub of several modern hair transplant clinics such as the Aesculpir Clinic, which offers the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. This clinic works under the expertise and excellence of the two finest female plastic surgeons- Dr. Heena Kudyar and Dr. Diksha Dixit. 

Homing the latest and modern technological assistance, Aesculpir Clinic assures you the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi. With well-trained in-house staff, the female surgeons offer complete patient satisfaction. 

If you are exhausted with continuous hair fall, consult  Aesculpir Clinic to get the best micro FUE hair transplant and other treatment. Book your appointment now!

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