Laser Hair Removal: 22 most asked questions in 2021


Laser hair removal in Delhi is gaining huge popularity over the past few years. Today laser treatment is mostly prevalent amongst people. Waxing, shaving, or epilation by tweezing are considered exhaustive solutions that are not fruitful for the long run. Body hair removal through laser treatment is a new craze that is safe and go-to for the long term. To cater to this, a wide range of laser systems have come to the forefront with innovative techniques and positive results. The laser treatment targets the follicular sac of the skins from which hairs emerge. The light energy is converted into heat and damages the follicular sac, thus preventing the growth of hair for a long period. However, it is advised to learn about laser hair removal before engaging in it. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the process that will pave away all your queries.

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most prevalent and renowned cosmetic procedures of hair reduction.It uses laser technology to damage the hair follicles, thus preventing the growth of hair for a long time. That stands amongst the latest medical procedures to get rid of unwanted hair.

In most cases, the concentrated beam of laser light destroys the hair follicle, thus amounting to permanent hair removal. However, when the hair follicles are simply damaged, they may stay at bay for a long time but will gradually appear.

Laser hair removal provides safe, successful, and effective results in maximum patients. Laser treatment is an FDA-approved technology, thus it requires an expert dermatologist and technician. Under the expert, you are always safe.

It is important to understand that laser hair removal in Delhi is a sensitive process and requires expertise and excellence to perform. Normally, laser hair removal cost in Delhi varies from clinic to clinic. However, on an average, per session price varies from RS.1500- Rs.2000.

Laser hair removal is less painful than waxing. Most of the patients describe the procedure as quite tolerable. It can involve tiny pinches that won’t hurt much.

Facial removal of hair using laser technology is equally safe as laser hair reduction in any other part of your body. You may face some side effects that evade away in a few days of care.

During the laser hair removal procedure, the concentrated light damages the hair follicles and makes them dormant for a long time. This hair removal technique will last longer than shaving or waxing. However, there are chances that the hairs return.

The latest equipment for laser hair removal is FDA approved. Mostly facial hair removal via laser is safe. But the side effects may come up in certain cases. The side effects may include rosiness, tender skin, redness, and minor swelling.

It is one of the best techniques of hair reduction because of its lasting results. Besides long-lasting results, it is known for remarkable precision. It leaves your skin hair free and soft for a long period. The benefits of laser hair removal also include getting rid of unwanted hair in the long run.

Laser treatment for hair removal works quite effectively. It damages the follicles of skin for long periods, thus preventing the unwanted growth of hair. Although it is quite effective and popular, there are chances that it will not last forever.

The number of sessions for laser hair removal depends upon the requirement of the patient. Full body laser hair removal might take in between four to six sessions. It is always advised to space out the entire procedure in weeks, to let the skin heal from any kind of side effects, if seen.


  • The precision level is uncanny
  • It works almost for every body part
  • One of the most effective way of hair removal
  • Long-lasting results
  • The Procedure is endurable with hardly any major risk
  • A safe and successful process for all skin type


  • Chances of hair coming back after a time
  • A prolonged process may take months
  • Can be quite costly
  • Side effects like burns and swelling can come up
  • Need expert care, any mistake by a technician can alter the results
  • There are chances of skin pigmentation

It is okay to wax after five to seven days of the laser treatment. Nevertheless, experts advise precluding from shaving or plucking while under the laser hair removal process.

With the advent of the latest version of laser technology, laser hair removal is effective for people with light-colored hair or light skin tone.

Without any doubt, eyebrow lashes can be removed through laser treatment. A trusted professional can easily remove hair from your eyebrows with complete safety and precision.

Underarms tend to get dark due to pigmentation, and laser hair removal works effectively to lighten the armpits. The underarm laser hair removal can be amazingly effective for people with dark armpits. This procedure assures to fix dark underarms for a long period.

Laser treatment for hair removal works for all skin types and skin colours. However, it is essential to check the skin type and tone before laser hair removal.

Like any other body part, bikini laser hair removal is quite safe and effective. It is encouraged that for getting a bikini laser hair removal, women should visit an expert technician.

For breast hair removal, laser treatment is safe and effective. There are hardly any cases of irritation or side effects. Laser hair removal for women is a boon and works with great results.

Before going for laser hair removal in Delhi, one should take a bath and clean the area. Avoid using any lotion pre-procedure. Consult the doctor and follow as he guides.

Laser hair treatment in Delhi can be done even over tattoos. The laser hair removal is done in the nearby areas of the tattoo. However, the larger the tattoo, the more difficult it becomes.

In laser treatment for hair removal, the light stimulates our fibroblasts, thus closing our pores. The laser hair removal before and after results are surprisingly effective.

Numerous clinics in Delhi are catering to laser hair removal. The process is quite sensitive and needs expert care. The Aesculpir offers the best laser hair removal in Delhi. Whatever the patient’s need might be, they assure the best care and treatment.

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