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Do you feel self-conscious about the extra fat on your upper arms that makes them look saggy? It might happen that you can't seem to be able to lose this fat even after months of regular diet and exercise. Or, you might want an easy, quick, and long-lasting solution.

If so, we are here to help you! At The Aesculpir, we provide you with the best solution to bulky arms at a highly affordable price. You can bid farewell to that extra fat and get slim and toned arms by getting an arm fat removal surgery at our clinic.

An arm fat removal surgery is done by liposuction, where the fat tissues are suctioned out with the help of a thin tube-like instrument called the cannula. One end of the cannula is inserted right below the skin at the target area. On the other end, it is attached to a vacuum suction device which aids in taking out the extra fat in that area.

If you are considering getting arm fat removal surgery, visit The Aesculpir Clinic in Delhi, India, to get the best quality treatment.

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Are You A Good Candidate For This Surgery?

Knowing that you are a good candidate for an arm fat removal surgery is essential to avoid any complications during or after the procedure. Therefore, our doctors always confirm that you are an eligible candidate. They consider several factors in determining your eligibility. Some of them include:

  • You should not be overweight or obese.
  • You should have healthy overall body weight.
  • You should have firm and elastic skin.
  • You should not be suffering from medical conditions that might complicate the surgery, for instance, diabetes, heart diseases, and a weak immune system.
  • You should not be pregnant.

For more details, the doctor would ask about your medical history and any medications you might be taking. They can also prescribe a few tests if they have doubts about a condition.

Only once you have qualified the assessment and are proven eligible for the treatment, does our surgeon proceed with the next steps in the process.

What Does An Arm Fat Removal Surgery At The Aesculpir Involve?

The whole surgical procedure at The Aesculpir is carried out systemically. First, you would visit our expert doctors for a consultation. They would explain the entire procedure to you and tell you about all the precautions that need to be taken before and after the surgery. Our doctors also inquire about your expectations from the surgery and ensure you are not getting the treatment under unrealistic expectations.

For the surgery, the doctor would make markings on your arm by keeping them at certain angles. This works as a reference for the amount of fat to be removed during the surgery. Then, you would be injected with a sterile solution with three major components. The salt and water in it assist in fat removal, the local anaesthesia prevents pain, and the compound epinephrine constricts the surrounding blood vessels and prevents blood loss.

This surgery involves a very small incision to insert the cannula. If you opt for modified forms of this surgery, there could be more than one incision to insert the source of laser or ultrasound waves. However, due to the small size and location of these incisions, there would be no noticeable scarring.

After the surgery, you would be kept under observation for a few hours before you're allowed to go home. Our doctor would explain the precautions you need to take and prescribe some medications for easy recovery. You can pay follow-up visits to ensure that you're healing properly.

Cost Of Arm Fat Removal Surgery At Aesculpir

The cost of arm liposuction surgery depends on different factors. The amount of fat to be removed and the method of surgery you opt for play the major determining factors in the cost.

At The Aesculpir, you will get the surgery done by highly qualified and one of the top plastic surgeons in Delhi, assisted by the latest technology equipment. Also, our staff team is available round the clock and devoted to making your experience here entirely comfortable and glitch-free.

All this is made available to you at a highly affordable price at The Aesculpir, one of the best clinics to get arm liposuction in India.

Factors Affecting The Arm Fat Removal Cost In India

As mentioned above, the overall expense of getting an arm liposuction surgery is a variable parameter. Here are some of the major factors that affect the cost.

  • Amount Of Fat To Be Removed: If more fat is to be removed means, more time and precision are required. This, in turn, affects the overall cost of the procedure.
  • Method Of Surgery: We offer 5 different approaches to performing this surgery. The traditional manual technique is still efficient and works well if a moderate amount of fat has to be removed. However, in the case of large amounts of fat, methods like, ultrasound-assisted, and power-assisted liposuction are preferred. These techniques aim to loosen the fat tissues in the area, making their removal easy. The modified methods cost a little more than the manual technique but are highly precise and efficient.
  • Hospital Offering The Service: The quality of the services provided by the hospital is also considered when considering the overall expenses.
  • Expertise Of The Surgeon: Getting the surgery done by an expert and experienced surgeon ensures more precision and increases your chances of getting the desired results.
  • Post-Surgical Care: This includes medications, and other necessities like fitted medical garments to prevent swelling. Painkillers and antibiotics are a sureshot part of the prescription along with others that the doctor deems necessary for better recovery.

Get Your Arm Fat Removal Surgery Done At The Aesculpir

At The Aesculpir Clinic, we harbour some of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India. Our doctors are professionals with several years of experience providing consultation for and performing arm liposuction. They believe in getting to the crux of your concerns and providing personalised treatment to achieve the desired result at an affordable price.

Furnished with the latest equipment, The Aesculpir ensures to provide accurate test results and precise and efficient treatment. Our staff team is dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable and work round the clock to give you a smooth overall experience.