Lip Augmentation

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Fuller lips look more attractive and youthful in appearance. They look pleasing to an observer and also boost the patient’s confidence. This can be done either by fillers or lipofilling.

Type of anesthesia -This can be done as an office procedure under local anesthesia.


Fillers are made of high synthetic viscosity hyaluronic acid material which is injected in the deeper layer of the lip at specific points to get a fuller and youthful look.


The effect lasts for 9-12 months.

Fat Grafting or Lipofilling

In fat grafting or lipofilling fat is harvested from hidden areas of your body and injected in deeper layers of lip.

The amount of augmentation depends on how much fat has been taken.


Usually takes 3-6 months to show the final result.

Initially, some swelling is expected with or without bruising which subsides in some time .the patient is advised to take soft non-chewable diet for some time till filler/fat settles. The patient can resume work the next day as per their convenience.

Before & After Lip Augmentation