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Things To Consider While Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Undergoing a hair transplant procedure is a life-changing decision. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate several features of a hair transplant clinic and the surgeons offering the service, before making the final decision to avail treatment from them. Take a look at some of these vital elements, which will help you make the final decision.

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  1. Experience of the hair transplant specialist

  2. Qualification and overall expertise of the specialist

  3. Other amenities provided by the clinic

  4. Cost of hair transplant

  5. Patient reviews of the clinic

Take Away

1. Experience of the hair transplant specialist

Before trusting a hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, evaluation of their experience is a necessity. Ideally, the performance of a hair transplant surgeon over past patients and years of experience should stand to speak scores about their reliability.

During your first consultation with your hair transplant surgeon, ask for photographs of their past patients, showing the makeover post-surgery. It will give you a fair idea about their experience and help you decide whether you want to proceed for the treatment with them.   


2. Qualification and overall expertise of the specialist

Today, hair transplant surgery is performed using two leading procedures, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Understanding which area of specialization is led by your preferred doctor will help you make the final decision to choose where you may want to undergo hair transplant surgery in Delhi to achieve the desired results.

Once you have considered the experience and specialization of your trusted hair transplant surgeon, it is necessary to evaluate their qualification in the area of their expertise.

Some of the credentials which will serve to convince your decision are:

  • Qualification of the doctor, such as DNB/Mch plastic surgery, MD Dermatology, etc.
  • Total experience in years
  • Full-time membership or not
  • Various other credentials

The proficiency of a surgeon specializing in hair transplant in Delhi emerges from their ability to deliver legitimate results which are up to your satisfaction and provided to you at your comfort.


Precautions taken by Hair Transplant Surgeon

3. Cost of hair transplant

The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi might not be a cheap affair. The cost of the services of a hair transplant surgeon can be high, which will naturally tempt you to seek reasonable options.

While many hair transplant surgeons in Delhi may offer lucrative services to you at amazingly lower costs, it is better to choose quality and standard of services over impressive treatment costs. Moreover, it is vital to consider the overall cost of the treatment, including consultation fees, additional services, etc., which may often be masked by clinics offering the services at low prices.

At present, the approximate cost of a hair transplant surgeon in Delhi may start from INR 70,000 and go up to 1,50,000 as the treatment advances. Thus, it may be necessary for you to consult the hair transplant surgeon for the availability of insurance options.


4. Other amenities provided by the clinic

Besides the experience and expertise of your hair transplant surgeon, you may want to check a few other factors before making the final choice of your hair transplant surgeon. A few of these are:

  • How well is the clinic equipped with the latest equipment and technology to provide the treatment
  • Availability of permanent team members to provide the treatment and their attrition rate
  • Use of specific machines and imported punches to administer the treatment
  • Availability of a sterile operation theatre to carry out hair transplant along with power backup options and other safety equipment.
  • How far is the clinic and if a hair transplant surgeon is equipped to tackle their patients in the presence of pandemic and resulting conditions.
  • Are the clinic and its staff equipped with enough safety equipment such as masks, gloves, PPE kits to administer the treatment safely? 
  • Is the clinic being sanitized and sterilized between visits from patients? 

An overview of these features will help you choose the best hair transplant surgeon with whom you can undergo the treatment and achieve the desired hair transplant results.

5. Patient reviews of the clinic

At the last step, you can assess the reviews of your chosen hair transplant surgeon by checking the social media platforms of the clinic and the doctor himself or heading over to their website. Patients who have availed treatment from the doctor in the past may have left notes of their experience through user reviews on these online platforms.

You may even ask your hair transplant surgeon to provide before and after photographs of their previous patients, which will clearly highlight the results of the treatments performed by them.

Take Away

Given the considerable hair transplant cost in Delhi, it is vital to make the right decision when choosing a clinic to undergo a hair transplant. At Aesculpir, you can trust the surgeons who have years of experience with expertise in their respective fields, who promise to deliver accurate results within the frame of viable promises.


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