Tummy Tuck – Recovery Time and Recovery tips


Do you long for a taut tummy? Is a stern diet chart and vigorous exercise not helpful enough? A tummy tuck is certainly worth a shot for you! 

Medically known as “abdominoplasty”, a tummy tuck, is essentially a surgery that flattens the abdomen by removing extra skin and fat layered upon it. A nicely toned look is given by repositioning the remaining skin. 

A tummy tuck is, significantly and primarily, useful in the case of women having multiple pregnancies, people who have loose skin due to aging, and when there is an escalating weight gain. 

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  1. Tummy tuck
  2. Recovery Timeline
  3. Factors affecting recovery
  4. Tips for recovery


1. Tummy tuck

If you are planning to get tummy tuck surgery, it is best advised to find an experienced doctor who rightfully understands your requirements. Based on your body type, one of the following tummy tuck procedures may be recommended-

  • Complete abdominoplasty- Full tummy tuck involves complete abdomen from one hip bone to another hip bone. Subsequently, the skin, tissues, and muscles are contoured as required. A New Belly button is made in this type of surgery.
  • Partial abdominoplasty- Mini tummy tuck is most suitable in cases where fat deposits are found below the navel. It doesn’t require the creation of the new belly button. It is a quick surgery, often involving on average two hours.

The tummy tuck surgery cost in Delhi generally varies from Rs.1,15,000- 2,25,000/-.

It is recommended to consult your doctor beforehand regarding your tummy tuck recovery. The process and timeline of recovery majorly vary from person to person. The factors contributing to such variation include general body health, age, and body weight. The kind of tummy tuck also plays a pivotal role in the recovery process altogether. 

It is quite natural to experience a bounce back after the surgery. It is important to give your body some time to heal. While some patients might be discharged after a few hours post tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, others may need to spend a night or two at the hospital. Once you leave the hospital, it is when the real recovery begins. 


2. Recovery Timeline

It’s important to review the tummy tuck recovery timeline so that your routine life activities can be scheduled accordingly. Quite obviously, the recovery period for every surgery varies from person to person and no rigid time frame, suited to every individual, can be stated with precision.

Tummy tuck surgery requires quite a while to recover from. It is recommended to take it easy and slow for the first couple of days post-surgery, if not a week. Although the tummy tuck recovery time of mini-abdominoplasty is relatively quicker, you’ll still need to avoid heavy exercises and strenuous activities for at least 6 weeks. 

Most likely, your doctor will ask you to adhere to the guidelines regarding the following things-

  • Care of incision and drainage of tubes as prescribed.
  • Be careful about any possible infection and overall health condition.
  • Physical activities that are to be avoided.
  • Follow Up with the surgeon.
  • Duration and method of wearing abdominal pressure garments.
  • Amount of rest required.
  • Changes in diet.

Right after the surgery, you’ll need someone to drive you home. Additionally, you would not be permitted to shower at least 48 hours after the surgery. Most commonly, an antibiotic or an anticoagulant will be prescribed. Also, some medications would be required to be applied to the skin. You might experience some pain in the initial few days. It is recommended to avoid smoking or consuming alcohol as it can potentially hinder the healing process and may cause serious complications.

You might as well need to modify your sleeping habits for quite some time. Generally, the surgeon guides to sleep on an inclined surface after a few days of the surgery. An effective remedy for reducing swelling is to keep your upper body raised with the knees bent at an angle. Adjusting pillows under your knees would be efficacious too. 

Routinely, it is advised to keep walking a few steps. This will boost the healing process by making the blood flow smoothly and consequently the tummy tuck recovery.

It’s natural to experience fatigue for weeks after the surgery. Therefore, taking proper rest is potent. Your doctor will guide you through to find a comfortable resting position.


Precautions after tummy tuck surgery

3. Factors affecting tummy tuck recovery

It is the interplay of various factors that would determine the recovery timeline of any surgery. In this surgery, particularly, the following factors play a key role-

  • Age of the patient.
  • Type of tummy tuck.
  • General health condition of the patient.
  • Postoperative care.

Normally, the types of tummy tuck treatment include the following-

  • Mini tummy tuck, also known as partial abdominoplasty, has the shortest recovery period. Also, it leaves minimum possible scars on the body.
  • Complete tummy tuck takes a comparatively longer duration to recover from. Although it does leave scars these can efficiently be hidden under the bathing suit itself.
  • Extended tummy tuck, leaves possibly the largest scar. It takes a long time to heal.


4. Tips for recovery

Although it is in the common knowledge of all that there is no shortcut to recovery post any surgery. It is, however, equally important to remember that a healthy body evidently recovers rapidly over the body instilled with infirmities.
Some of the widely accepted tummy tuck recovery tips are as follows-

  • Keep the incision clean and dry.
  • Regular intake of prescribed medications.
  • Bandages should be changed daily.
  • Apply prescribed topical cream on the incision sites.
  • Drink plenty of water to make your body toxin-free. It will significantly bring down the swelling. 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking for at least three months after the surgery.
  • Prescribed compression garment or supportive wrap to be worn. It helps reduce swelling and any possible discomfort.
  • Schedule follow-up visits regularly.

Other than the above-mentioned tips, the following may also be advantageous-

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Do not practice vigorous exercises.
  • Scale down any physically demanding work.

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Take away

It’s worthwhile to know the insights into the surgery that you are actually going to undertake. A better understanding of the procedure and the recovery process altogether helps to cope up with it effectively and efficiently. It might as well bring down the tummy tuck recovery time quite evidently. It is the willingness of the patient coupled with the expertise of the surgeon that fairly determines the success of a surgery. It is therefore extremely crucial to find the right specialist. At Aesculpir, you will get the right suggestion with Cost-effective treatment and modern techniques.


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