Amazing Benefits of Thread Lift

5 Amazing Benefits of Thread Lifts

As more generations are proclined to look beautiful and healthy, sagging and wrinkling of the skin is an unaccepted norm. As you get older, sagging and wrinkling of skin are very normal. However, instances of trauma to the face, hereditary diseases, or sun exposure also make changes in the skin making it looser and changing your appearance. Facelift surgeries involve invasive surgical procedures which may not be required for early aging. Hence, a shift in interest to the minimally invasive thread lift technique is seen in current times due to the many benefits of thread lift. Thread lift is an effective alternative to facelift surgery wherein medical-grade thread material is used in the face and tightened to pull the skin up.

The main cause behind the sagging of the skin is due to loss of fat on the cheek and a decline in the production of collagen and elastin which are the main components that give the young and sturdy look to the skin. Hence the right treatment is needed to bring out the necessary changes in one’s look and perception. Hence to know what are the benefits of thread lifts, let’s dig more into the article. In this article, we will highlight some of the key benefits of the thread lifts cosmetic procedures for readers’ understanding.

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  1. Immediate Lift- Bye Bye Saggy Skin
  2. Tight and Youthful Skin- You Will Feel Young.
  3. Quick Recovery- Minimum Downtime
  4. Long Lasting-It lasts longer than you think.
  5. Non-Invasive – No scarring.
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  7. FAQs

Immediate Lift – Bye Bye Saggy Skin

With thread lift procedure young youthful skin is right at your doorstep. For the majority of people, the benefit of thread lifts is the immediately noticeable results which are apparent right after the procedure. However, for the thread to settle in with the skin and swelling to subside a recovery time of 1 to 2 months is suggested based on the extent of the treatment. During this time it is of utmost importance to allow the skin to heal and adapt to the imbibed threads. Hence, facial massages or any strenuous exercises should be avoided for a perfect result.

Tight and Youthful Skin – You Will Feel Young

Youthful skin is always firm and wrinkle-free. Thanks to the protein elastin which gives it the bounciness and the required stretch. As we age, the production of elastin or collagen is reduced to a great extent which causes the skin to lose and hang. The threads used in the thread lift procedure physically pull the skin up and tighten the loose skin eliminating any wrinkles. The advantage of thread lift involves tightening of mild to moderate sagging of cheeks, brows, and neck. Initial tightening of the skin is carried out by the thread lift which is further improved by the enhanced production of collagen which helps in maintaining the stiffness and makes you look young. 

How to Perform Thread Lift

Quick Recovery – Minimum Downtime

Apart from the instant youthful look, another benefit of the thread lift procedure is the short recovery time compared to facelift surgery. You can notice a change after the procedure but the swelling and soreness require a few more days to subside. Sometimes pain medication is prescribed after the procedure to deal with the soreness. The advantage of thread lift is that it is done under local anesthesia and mostly in an outpatient setting, hence, the dependency on a caretaker is less, and patients can return to their normal routine the next day after the procedure. Thread lift can be regarded as a quick solution for vibrant and youthful skin.

Long-Lasting – It Lasts Longer Than You Think

While it is a dream for many to stay young and youthful throughout their life, it is important to understand that no lift surgeries give a permanent result or lasts forever. However, another benefit of thread lift is that the patient response showed that the procedure outcome lasted longer than expected. In most cases, the youthful look with the thread lifts lasted for an average of two years. Though this is subtle compared to facelift surgery which lasts for a decade. However, thread lift surgery is far less invasive and of low risk, hence can be repeated to have a fresh set of temporary threads once the old one is dissolved. 

Non-Invasive – No Scarring

The thread lifts usually involve sliding a small hollow needle to precisely position the thread under the skin. Since it does not involve any incision, the occurrence of scarring is out of the question. This procedure is categorized under minimally invasive or non-surgical procedures due to the less technicality involved in the surgery. The patient can also look at how the doctor is performing and suggest any adjustments. In most cases, it usually takes an hour for the whole procedure and there is no hospitalization for recovery which is an important advantage of thread lift.


Choosing an ideal cosmetic treatment is one’s choice but with relevant information, these choices can be constructive. Questions such as “What are the benefits of thread lifts?” needed to be answered by the expert. Suggestions from a skillful and knowledgeable aesthetic or plastic surgeon help in a great way in making the correct decision. At The Aesculpir clinic, one can collectively have the advantage of pioneering cosmetic surgeons with futuristic techniques for productive outcomes which ensure a positive change in patients’ appearances. 


How many times can you have a thread lift?

One of the benefits of thread lifts is that it activates the production of collagen which is important for the firmness of the skin. Hence, the appearance of the skin improves in about two to three weeks. However, following up every year will help in maintaining the revived look of the skin.

How do you sleep after a thread lift?

Once the skin heals after the procedure, any type of activity is allowed. Till then any strenuous activity should be avoided like sleeping on your face or stomach which puts pressure on your face. Since recovery time for this procedure is very fast, patients are suggested to sleep on their back till then.

Are thread lifts permanent?

As we grow the aesthetic features of our body change a lot. A procedure done at one point does not always synchronize at a later stage. Hence, like any other cosmetic surgery, the outcome of thread lifts is also not permanent and needs to be redone for maintaining that vibrant look. 

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