Male Rhinoplasty in Delhi

Male Rhinoplasty ‒ All You Need to Know

Plastic Surgeons across the world have recorded an increase in rhinoplasties each year on both men and women. So it is one of the most common facial plastic surgical procedures. Nose reshaping can help an individual from a medical perspective to treat any old facial injury or achieve a more balanced look aesthetically. The facial requirements can vary between men and women. Women prefer a small and delicate slope in their nose, while men prefer a straight, defined, and strong nose with a hump in it to define a masculine appeal. The rhinoplasty procedure can correct both structural and functional issues in the nose. This assists the individuals to feel a more refreshed appearance and breathe easily. The Aesculpir clinic is a renowned centre for cosmetic and plastic surgery located in New Delhi. It provides the best medical care in reshaping male nasal anatomy with an experienced team looking out to hear from you.

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  1. What is a Male Rhinoplasty?
  2. Who is an ideal candidate for Male Rhinoplasty?
  3. The Benefits of male nose surgery include
  4. What to expect after the surgery?
  5. How is Male Rhinoplasty Different From Female Rhinoplasty?
  6. How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?


What is Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is a nose surgery that enables men to reshape their noses, leading to an enhanced facial aesthetic. It is commonly known as a nose job and is becoming increasingly common among the current generation. Additionally, this procedure can also assist in improving functional issues that might have resulted from genetics or trauma. Different types of rhinoplasty surgeries depend on the technique chosen by the surgeon and customized requirements. Evaluation of facial structure anatomy is important to understand the type of incision required. 

a) Open rhinoplasty: It is generally used for major alteration in nose reshaping. Incisions are made to separate the nostrils into the vertical strip in order to attain the visibility of the nasal anatomy by the surgeon.

b) Closed rhinoplasty: In general, it is used for minor reshaping, where incisions are made within the nose and skin is separated from cartilage and bones. The desired new shape is achieved by rearranging, removing, or augmenting the cartilage and bones.

c) Secondary rhinoplasty: It is generally used for resolving any complications from previous nasal surgery or to correct any issues. It is also known as revision rhinoplasty.

d) Filler rhinoplasty: It involves using injectable fillers to fill the ‘depressions’ created, which change the angle of the nose tip to reshape or restore the symmetry.

The Benefits of male nose surgery include:

a) Improvement in facial features and nose symmetry that facilitates correcting a flaw

b) Resolution of unbalanced facial appearance

c) Repairing of structural defects

d) Achieving better self-esteem and a more appealing profile

e) Resolving a breathing problem or any old injury

Who is an Ideal Candidate For Male Rhinoplasty?

There are certain listed criteria and displaying facial characteristics which make any individual an ideal candidate for a male nose surgery procedure:

a) Bulbous structure in nose tip

b) Too wide or flaring nostrils structure 

c) Nose structure too wide or too narrow

d) Droopy or crooked nose

e) Too high or too low bridge structure 

f) Short or upturned tip of the nose

g) Impaired hump structure on the nose 

What To Expect After The Surgery?

Male rhinoplasty requires precise preoperative planning to define a structure in their nose. Recovery from surgery and post-operative care is necessary to avoid any complications. A bandage or splint is placed to provide adequate support to the nose that assists in the healing process. 

a) During the initial days of a nose job, men experience congestion as one of the common side effects due to swelling or bruising inside the nose. The common symptoms might disappear within a few days or approximately two weeks of the treatment.

b) Use cold compresses onto the cheeks and surrounding areas to avoid swelling. Avoid applying cold compress directly to the nose as it can shift the cartilages and/or bones.

c) Patients are suggested to avoid any strenuous exercise for the initial few weeks.

d) The recommendation of an elevated head should be followed to minimize the discomfort and promote healing.

e) Give your body sufficient rest from other activities to recover properly.

f) Ensure a healthy nutrition diet that assists in speedy recovery.

g) Regular follow-ups with the surgeon are required to ensure that the recovery stays on course.

How is Male Rhinoplasty Different From Female Rhinoplasty?

The surgical procedure or technique of incisions is more or less similar for both males and females. The difference lies in the cosmetic goals and nasal structural anatomy of the gender. Males usually tend to have a more prominent and broader nasal bridge than females. The nasal tip of males is comparatively less elevated. But females have less distinguished, more elevated, and a thin bridge that gives sharper nasal attributes to them with relatively thinner skin. These criteria are considered along with personalized goals that assist the process of tailoring. A proper discussion with your surgeon is required to understand the requirements and nasal anatomy to opt for the personalized procedure. This will help you in achieving a more refreshed look.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on various factors like nasal structure, region, type of incision or surgery required, equipment, surgeon’s experience, location, medical condition of the patient, and post-operative care or handling of any complications along with supported laboratory tests and examination analysis. Overall, the cost ranges from 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR with an average expenditure of 80,000 INR approximately.


Male rhinoplasty is unique which requires paramount communication and clarity to understand and discuss the series of events. Preserving masculine features is important in this process along with proper skincare that forms a key component in post-operative care. The Aesculpir clinic is one of the premier cosmetic clinics located in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. The team of renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeons aims to deliver comprehensive solutions to all the aesthetic issues with a proper discussion using state-of-the-art technologies. The clinic welcomes patients across the globe and assists you in looking your best. Visit the website for more information on the facilities and services available. Feel free to contact or book an appointment to experience a holistic treatment with a better look and feel.     

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