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Mommy Makeover Surgery-Types, Procedure, Recovery, and More


Pregnancy can leave unwanted and long-lasting effects on a woman’s body, such as stretched abdominal muscles, sagging breasts, and loose skin. Many women are discouraged and feel frustrated when their body and breasts don’t return to the pre-pregnancy shape even after hours of stretching, workouts, and a healthy diet. A Mommy Makeover can help you reclaim your pre-baby physique and improve your self-confidence by restoring the appearance you always desired.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body, and things usually don’t always go back to the way they were. However, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can revive the pre-pregnancy features by addressing the effects of childbearing.

The best part is that the surgeon can even enhance a woman’s pre-baby shape through personalized procedures for the female body and the breasts.

What Procedures are Included in Mommy Makeover?

Breast augmentation- During this procedure, the surgeon uses fat transfer or breast implants to increase the size of breasts. The Breast augmentation procedure, which is also called augmentation mammoplasty, effectively restores the volume of breasts that may be lost after pregnancy or weight reduction. It is also useful for women to achieve a more rounded breast shape or benefit from enhanced natural breast size asymmetry.

Breast lift- Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift helps uplift the breasts by removing excess skin. During this procedure, tissues surrounding the breasts are reshaped to support the new breast contour. It can also be used to reduce the areola that may have enlarged over time. Breast lift is an ideal procedure to correct and enhance skin elasticity that may have been hampered due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing, hereditary conditions, and weight fluctuations.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)- Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, demonstrates efficacy to restore separated or weakened muscles and remove excess fat and skin. This procedure is performed to create a firmer and smoother abdominal profile.

Liposuction- It is performed to reshape specific body parts by improving body proportion and contours and removing excess fat deposits. It effectively treats upper arms, calves, ankles, inner knee, hips, thighs, abdomen, waist, back, chest area, cheeks, chin, and neck. Liposuction can be performed along with other plastic surgery procedures such as a breast reduction, a tummy tuck, or facelift, or alone.

Buttock Augmentation- Buttock augmentation, also known as gluteal augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift, is an effective medical procedure for improving the buttocks’ shape, size, and contour. It is performed by using fat grafts, buttock implants, or sometimes a combination of the two.

Genital rejuvenation- Genital rejuvenation (also known as vulvovaginal plastic surgery, designer vagina surgery, female genital rejuvenation surgery, female genital cosmetic surgery, and female genital plastic surgery) includes several different procedures (clitoral hood reduction, labia majoraplasty, monsplasty, labiaplasty, and vaginoplasty). It is performed to stop incontinence, eliminate vaginal dryness, tighten the vagina, and more.

What to Expect?

The Mommy Makeover Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps you reclaim youth. Your surgeon may recommend an overnight recovery suite. The recovery procedure may take 1-3 weeks, but this will depend on the specific procedures for your Mommy Makeover Surgery. You need to note that you will certainly require help around the house as you will feel tired, sore, swollen, and tender for several days after the medical procedure.

  • The surgeon will prescribe certain pain medications to you for healing and comfortable recovery.
  • You will be asked not to drive until the surgeon recommends the use of certain pain medications.
  • You should avoid smoking for at least four weeks before and four weeks after your surgery as it reduces circulation, delays the healing of wounds, and significantly increases the risk of severe health complications.
  • Heavy lifting and vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least 6-8 weeks after the Mommy Makeover Surgery. During this period, you should not lift children and babies over 10 pounds.
  • You must follow a healthy lifestyle, including a routine exercise schedule and a balanced diet.

Things to keep in mind while considering Mommy makeover

A highly individualised procedure, Mommy Makeover Surgery will help you redefine yourself and reclaim your youth. Please do it for yourself and not to fit an ideal image or fulfill someone’s desires.

You may be a good candidate for the surgery if:

  • You are finished with childbearing
  • You want to enhance your appearance and well-being
  • You have a good medical health and ideal body weight
  • You have realistic expectations and positive outlook

It is important to note that you must wait for at least six months after giving birth before you can have the Mommy Makeover surgery.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover will typically revolve around the abdomen and breast procedure as they change with motherhood. Your breasts may get enlarged during pregnancy and breastfeeding, increasing by as much as the full cup size or even more. When you “return to normal,” there is a noticeable sagging and a considerable loss in the breasts’ volume.

Mommy Makeover Surgery, a combination of a series of body-contouring procedures, helps you experience significant changes that linger long after your pregnancy. One of the best things about Mommy Makeover is that there are no set components and each procedure during the process is custom-tailored to fit your unique needs and expectations.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of a Mommy Makeover:

  • Increased confidence and self-acceptance
  • Firmer, smoother tummy
  • Tightening of weak muscles improves bloating and heaviness occurring due to Bulging tummy
  • Removal of stretch marks
  • Clothes that actually fit
  • Better skin tone and texture
  • Enhanced cleavage
  • Enhanced perkiness and volume of the breasts
  • Flattened out flabby midsection
  • Goodbye to fat rolls

There are even more advantages to a Mommy Makeover procedure. Some patients have shared in the past how their perceptions of others around them changed for the better, and a vast majority of people opting for the Mommy Makeover procedure believe the surgery helped them reclaim their youth after years of self-depreciation.

Cost of Mommy Makeover Delhi NCR

The average cost of Mommy makeover in Delhi NCR is Rs. 2-4 Lakhs. The final cost will depend on the number of procedures you are opting for and other factors such as the extent of the surgery needed, patient’s general health, room category selected by the patient, type of the hospital/clinic, reputation and brand value of the hospital, qualification, and expertise of the specialist, and surgery type to name a few.

At Aesculpir, you will get the best treatment at an affordable cost.

Turn back the clock now with one procedure that offers multiple benefits!


A popular combination of plastic surgery techniques, the mommy makeover is ideal for women facing abnormal physical appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you want to opt for these body contouring procedures, India may be your preferred medical tourism destination. The best part is that you can explore techniques such as Liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and circumferential abdominoplasty at effective pricing at a Mommy Makeover clinic in India.


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