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How much does gynecomastia surgery cost in India

Gynecomastia is an unusual condition in males due to which breast tissue becomes enlarged due to reduced male hormones (testosterone) or increased female hormones (oestrogen). With the increase in the amount of breast gland tissue, the size of the breasts becomes uneven, which leads to enhancing the chest contours. The condition at times begins to take a toll on the mental health of the person who is undergoing this. Thereby, men can opt for a healthy diet and exercises after consulting the doctor to get rid of this condition. They can also go for gynecomastia surgery which can be of great help for them. The cost of the surgery may depend on various factors.

Reportedly, there is no specific age group in which such a problem occurs. It is a result of changes in hormone levels of testosterone and oestrogen. In some gynecomastia conditions, patients have pain in their breasts and may feel embarrassed. Using anabolic steroids to enhance athletic performance can increase the risk factors for gynecomastia.

In most conditions, gynecomastia usually goes away without medical treatment but in some conditions, medical experts recommend surgery that can reduce the size of the breasts. A decrease in the amount of the hormone testosterone compared with estrogen level in the body can trigger gynecomastia.

What are the causes of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, which can affect one or both breasts of men, sometimes unevenly, can be caused due to several factors. As per the study, although it isn’t a serious problem, at times it may become difficult for men to cope with this condition. Listed below are some causes of Gynecomastia that you must know about.

1.) Excess localized fat during puberty

2.) Ageing, which leads to sometimes excess breast skin

3.) long term use of medications like digixin , antidepressants , antipsychotic drugs .

4) Use of Anabolic steroids by body builders .

5.Health conditions such as obesity and improper nutrition

6.) Hypogonadism

7.) Tumors

8.) Hyperthyroidism

9.) Kidney, i.e., renal failure

10.) Liver failure and cirrhosis

11.) Malnutrition and starvation

12.) Natural hormone changes

13.) Testicular cancer or cancer of the adrenal glands

gynecomastia surgery cost

What are the symptoms of Gynecomastia?

Although most adult men with gynecomastia show no signs or symptoms, mentioned below are some symptoms you must be aware of.

1.) Swollen breast tissue

2.) Nipple sensitivity

3.) Swelling

4.) Nipple discharge

What food can cause Gynecomastia?

Various foods mentioned below increase estrogen production and suppress testosterone production leading to the formation of man breasts. The food items leading to such conditions include-

1.) Soy products

2.) Beetroot

3.) Dairy products

4.) Shrimp

5.) Strawberries

6.) Frozen meat

7.) Beer and alcohol

8.) Canned and

9.) Deep-fried food

10.) Packaged food

11.) Eating a high-fat, high-carb, high-sugar diet

12.) Coffee, alcohol and nuts

Food items that can help reduce male breasts naturally

As hormonal imbalance leads to the development of man boobs, this problem can be addressed by eating foods that can cause high testosterone levels. Adopting a healthy diet and following proper exercise can help in boosting one’s hormonal balance. Listed below are some food items that can work wonders.

1.) Eggs

2.) Oysters

3.) Asparagus

4.) Figs

5.) Almonds

6.) Nuts

7.) Brown rice

8.) Salmon and tuna are rich in anti-inflammatory properties

9.) Avocados

10.) Leafy greens

11.) Sweet potatoes

12.) Berries

13.) Citrus fruits

14.) Beans

Who is at higher risk for gynecomastia?

1) Adolescent boys around the time of puberty

2.) Older men

How can you counter Gynecomastia?

1.) Healthy diet pattern

2.) Proper exercise, which helps burn fat tissues, such as aerobic exercises — such as stair climbing, cycling, and power walking. Strength training exercises like push-ups help tone chest muscles.

3.) Minimize alcohol intake

4.) Losing weight and dieting

5.) Hormone treatments

Experts recommend going for surgical removal once workout, exercise, diet, medication and fat burning don’t help remove puffy nipples, excess fat, excess skin . If you want to go for surgery, The Aesculpir is a perfect place to get it done, where you get medical experts with decades of experience in male breast reduction surgery.

What are gynecomastia surgical options?

Gynecomastia surgery helps remove enlarged male breast tissue.

1.) Liposuction: During this cosmetic surgery procedure, medical experts remove excess fat from under the skin by suction.

2.) Mastectomy: During this process, all breast tissue is removed from a breast as a way to treat enlargement.

Gynecomastia problems generally occur during puberty and usually resolve without treatment within six months to two years. Things to keep in mind before you plan a gynecomastia surgery –

1.) Avoid smoking

2.) Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs and

3.) Avoid taking herbal supplements

4.) Inform your doctor if you are on any medication

The factor affecting cost depends on the grade of Gynecomastia

Grade 1 is the condition of small enlargement but without excess skin over the chest.

Grade 2 is the condition of moderate enlargement but without excess skin over the chest.

Grade 3 is the condition of moderate enlargement with extra skin over the chest.

Grade 4 is the condition of marked enlargement with extra skin over the chest.

The surgical option also vary according to the grade of gynaecomastia and hence the variation in cost .

How much does gynecomastia surgery cost in India?

The costs of the surgery depend on the conditions, such as the extent of fat to be removed, the amount of sculpting needed, the type of anaesthesia administered and the level at which your gynecomastia disorder stands. Certain other factors such as location, usage of advanced technologies and the reputation of the doctor in your city also determine the cost. This treatment is generally safer, painless and has a faster recovery time.

Depending on your city and severity of your disorder, the gynecomastia surgery cost varies from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1,00,000.These treatments are generally safer, painless and have a faster recovery time.


Dietary and lifestyle changes can bring huge differences if you are embarrassed by your man boobs. Exercises, especially cardio exercises, help burn general body fat. You may consider consuming fish oil, which does double duty, as it reduces estrogen while increasing testosterone levels in the human body. A milk thistle is a thorny plant with a purple or almost red flower. It is medically accepted to help cure the problem.

Zinc-based foods are rich in zinc and increase testosterone levels in the body. Red Clover can also help reduce oestrogen levels. Epsom Salt bath helps subside breast enlargement by detoxifying the body that balances the hormonal levels. Vitamin E foods are rich sources of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Green Tea can help to stimulate your metabolism and burn excess fat. You can opt for other options by consulting your doctor, as the surgery involved is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve many stitches.

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