How much does liposuction cost in India?


A type of plastic/cosmetic surgery called liposuction involves the removal of fat. The removal of persistent fat from body regions that haven’t reacted to diet or exercise is known as, lipectomy, or lipoplasty. It is one of India’s most sophisticated and cutting-edge cosmetic surgeries. In a nutshell, it’s “contouring” for the body instead of the face.

Any body part, including the inner thighs, submental (chin), arms, legs, buttocks, belly, back, and gynecomastia (male breast tissues), can be addressed with this treatment.

It seeks to improve the body’s proportion and shape by toning and reshaping particular body parts or locations. Many different liposuction techniques are available these days, allowing the patient to choose the best option.

People with good skin tone and elasticity—meaning that the skin can be redrape to form new contours—have the best results from the procedure. The fat cells grow more extensive and more numerous as a person puts on weight. The quantity of these fat cells in the desired locations might be decreased with liposuction.

Liposuction is a very personalized surgery. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the expected results, what might be accomplished and what cannot be and any possible hazards.

Liposuction Procedure

Technology advancements have made liposuction far less painful, easier to conduct, and a better chance of success. But it’s crucial to understand that liposuction is a body contouring operation and not a weight-loss surgery.

Small incisions are used during liposuction surgery. This procedure is performed under the local, regional or general anesthesia. The doctor inserts a thin, hollow tube called a cannula through incisions. A surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula is used to suck the body’s disrupted fat deposits out of the body. 

For liposuction surgery, a variety of procedures are offered. These comprise:

  • Suction assisted liposuction: This type of liposuction is the most widely used. A substantial volume of saline solution containing a local anesthetic (lidocaine) and a vessel constrictor (epinephrine) is injected beneath the skin in the desired treatment location. 
  • Power assisted Liposuction – It is similar to traditional liposuction. In this, a vibrating tipped cannula assists the fat cell breakdown and the fat removal process. This liposuction method is sometimes considered a form of high-definition liposuction. The tool used in this liposuction breaks the fat cells and loosens the stubborn fat deposits for easier removal with less surrounding tissue damage. 
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL): A cannula that has been activated with ultrasound is used in ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) to cause the fat to melt away instantly. The fat cells’ walls shatter open due to the ultrasound’s vibrations. The liquid or emulsified fat can be easily removed using the cannula. The male breast, the back, or locations where liposuction has already been performed are examples of body parts where it is recommended due to the presence of fibrous tissue.It also has advantage of better skin retraction .

benefits of liposuction

Benefits of Liposuction

The several Benefits of Liposuction include

  • Body contouring – It can improve your body’s shape and contour.
  • Lipoma removal – Lipomas, which are benign fatty tumors in specific body regions, may be partially or entirely removed.
  • Decrease Gynecomastia – By reducing the fatty breast tissue, it can aid men who have the condition.
  • Long-lasting – The effects of liposuction are irreversible for the fat cells that are eliminated.
  • A more appealing appearance can make a person’s body look better and more natural.
  • Decrease hyperhidrosis – It can aid in reducing chafing in other places, such as the thighs, and excessive sweating in the armpit regions.
  • Minimal downtime – You can improve your appearance because the benefits are generally rapid. Except for edema, which may take a few weeks to go away, improvements happen right away.
  • Improve your health – As liposuction results must be maintained, it frequently encourages better lifestyle choices, including regular exercise and sensible eating.
  • Enhance well-being – Correcting extreme imbalances and physical abnormalities can enhance a person’s well-being.

Cost of Liposuction In India

Depending on several variables, the cost of liposuction in India can range from USD 500 (INR 60,000) to USD 8000 (INR 606,000). Compared to countries like the UK, USA, Singapore, Germany, and many more, it is inexpensive. The affordable cost of liposuction surgery in India attracts patients from all over the World.

Factors affecting the Cost of Liposuction

The total cost of liposuction is affected by multiple different factors. When choosing whether or not to pursue liposuction, it is crucial to understand and consider these aspects.

  • Type of technology used: There are several different methods of liposuction, including, water-assisted, ultrasound-assisted, and power-assisted. The overall cost varies depending on your preference and the doctor’s advice regarding the proper liposuction technique. Doctors at Aesculpir clinics and affiliated hospitals use modern liposuction treatments to reshape patients’ bodies.
  • Location of the Hospital: Compared to smaller cities, major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and others tend to have larger multi-specialty or super-specialty hospitals. Therefore costs may be higher there. All major international airlines have connections to the major cities, and patients can quickly get to the hospital from the airport.
  • Areas to be reshaped: Besides the abdomen, other body portions, including the thighs, arms, neck, chin, and hips, can also be treated with liposuction. The cost can vary depending on the area because different approaches are taken to address each area. 
  • The surgeon’s expertise: Surgeons with higher experience have a history of successful treatment with lower rates of postoperative complications. The procedure’s results and long-term efficacy may be affected by this. The cost of the treatment varies largely on Surgeon’s Experience and expertise.
  • The type of anesthesia used during the procedure, the patient’s general condition, and whether there is a high chance of any complications will all influence how long the patient will need to stay in the hospital and the country. The surgeon will arrange a post-surgery follow-up appointment to assess how quickly the patient is recovering. They may also recommend a good time to fly home.
  • The amount of fat that needs to be removed: If a person needs to have more than10% of body weight of fat to be  removed from their body, they may need another sitting. The number of sessions dramatically increases the cost of the procedure.
  • Postoperative Care: Following liposuction, the patient must take medications, consume painkillers, and wear compression clothing to recover more quickly. These are extra expenses that should be taken into account.

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The cost of Liposuction Surgery in India varies between 70,000 and 3,25,000. Unfortunately, most health insurance plans do not cover liposuction in many countries, which increases the demand for foreign patients who wish to undergo liposuction Surgery. The Aesculpir Clinic is just one of the best hospitals in Delhi NCR that now provide advanced liposuction surgery at low and affordable prices, making it convenient for many people.

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